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A Tree for Christmas

Produced by Rob Letourneau
Songwind Multimedia Inc.

Judy Letourneau
Songwind Multimedia Inc.

Recorded and Mixed by Rob Letourneau
Songwind Studios Ottawa Canada

Mastered by Phil Bova
Bova Sound Studios

All Lyrics written by Rob Letourneau
with the exception of Santa (All the Children sing)
written by Gary Lalonde

Music by Black Cherry
Melodies by Tony Gamble
Arrangements by Rob Letourneau, Tony Gamble,
Chuck Charlton, Bonnie Weston

Extra technical assistance by Ross Craig-Browne

Album artwork and design
Judy Letourneau
Songwind Multimedia Inc.

Editing by Lea Libiseja

Extra multi-media work & assistance by Tony Gamble

Photography by Judy Letourneau

Video Editing and Web Design by Rob Letourneau

CD release filming & special assistance by Dave Gorman

Additional bells & shakers by Judy & Rob Letourneau

Tony Gamble - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Back-up Vocals,
Chuck Charlton - Guitar, Mandolin, Slide Guitar
Rob Letourneau - Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Back-up Vocals
James Murray - Sax, Back-up Vocals
Bonnie Weston - Keyboards, Viola, Back-up Vocals
Nadine Roy - Back-up Vocals
Michelle Rainville - Back-up Vocals
 Joe Nesrallah - Lead Guitar
Ross McRae - Lead Guitar
Henderson Howells - Lead Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Gary Lalonde - Bass

 Santa (All the Children Sing) written by Gary Lalonde
Lead Vocal performance by Barbara Mount
Engineered by Rob Letourneau
Assisted by Tony Gamble

O Holy Night (Public Domain)
Choir: Judy Browarski, Bill Cowling, Diane Guenette,
Roger Guenette, Cheryl Lessard, Pierre Lessard,
Iris Redmond, Louise Schieman and Pierre Saulnier
The Christmas Tree
Voice Over by Barbara Mount


Christmas Time in the City (Letourneau)
Drive in from the country
to see all the pretty lights
There's so many people in the city
And oh so many things to see

Drove back to the city
It's something everyone should see
Maybe it's just meant to be
'cause it's Christmas time ... In the city

Went down to the grocery store
Everyone wearin' their reindeer hats
Guess that means it's okay to be
And spread some cheer for all to see


Was invited to a party
We all had a good time
Met some new friends, found some old friends
Ya know we really had a good time


Just can't wait 'til Christmas morning
To see what's under the tree
Feels just like it used to be
This time it's made for just you and me

(Chorus x2)

Christmas is Almost Here (Letourneau)
I need a Christmas vacation
'Cause I've worked all year round
There was a time not so long ago
When music filled the air

Got no time for negative thoughts
I've walked a... a thousand miles
Gotta make my way, my way back home
Back home to my kind

Christmas is almost here
   Go out and spread some cheer
It ain't the way it used to be
Christmas comes but once a year

Friends near and far
Drink to your heart's desire
Give honour to the holy night
And keep on thru ’til Christmas night

(Chorus x 3)

Special Time of Year (Letourneau)
Got a beat up truck
Spent some time listening to the radio
Got a one way ticket
A one way ticket to the real big show

Waitin' for my time
Bettin' on the line
Now put down that shovel and
Stop and wave goodbye

Got too much on the go
Ain't no use in turning back now
No matter what they say
I'll just keep on working' on my dreams

Got my mind on my home
Drivin' through the snow
Got my radio on high
Not a moment... a moment to spare
Got some time off work
Gonna sleep in ... 'til noon
Got some good ol' friends who are
Gonna be droppin’ on by

It's that special time of year
When everyone is near
Wishin' it could be here
All through the year


O Holy Night (Public Domain)

The Christmas Tree (Letourneau)
It's a nice day for a ride
Got everything in the car
Remembered all the details

Even wrote down the directions
We travelled outside the city
To the call, "Are we there yet?"

In the distance we can see
A special place for me
All the cars are parked in one spot

As we head towards the gate
Eagerly awaiting our turn
Horse drawn carriage take you away

The early winter chill fills the air
As we ready our quest
We're here together as family
To retrieve our centrepiece

In the distance we can see
A little hope to be
Through the path, more than just hope

As we come down to a clearing
We can tell
It's our Christmas Tree

The early winter chill fills the air
As we ready our quest
We're here together as family
To retrieve our centrepiece

The early winter chill fills the air
As we ready our quest
We're here together as family
To retrieve our centrepiece

At Christmas Time (Letourneau)
On a cold and windy night
Warm feeling came over me
Got this feeling I can’t resist
Can’t fight this mystery

On such a dark and distant night
Watch the world stand still
As we discover it’s our turn
To make this alright

We’ve waited all year ‘round
For this gathering to happen
and would you be mine
At Christmas time

On a snowy December night
You can still see a light
It lights the way back home
To my favourite time of year


We’ve waited all year ‘round
For this gathering to happen
And would you be mine
At Christmas time

It’s The Eve (Letourneau, Judy & Rob)
Well it's Christmas Eve and I'm waiting to see
What Santa Clause is gonna bring to me

Good night, Good night, Good night...

Went to midnight mass and on the way home
‘Bout a quarter to one well it started to snow


Got all my presents bought
And wrapped under the tree


The turkey's in the oven
And the family is comin’


To all that are here, we wish you good cheer
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

(Chorus x 2)

                                                                                                                 (c) Letourneau 2013

© 2012 Songwind Multimedia Inc.